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ASHI offers you the resources and opportunities to become a better and more successful home inspector at both the national and local levels.

The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), founded in 1976, is North America's oldest and most respected professional society of home inspectors. ASHI's goals have always been to build customer awareness of the importance of a quality home inspection and enhance the professionalism of home inspectors. ASHI offers both new and existing home inspectors resources at the national and local level through the 80 plus ASHI chapters. The national education offerings include: ASHI Online Learning CenterStandard of Practice and Code of Ethics education module, a vibrant Discussion Forum, and much more. At a local level, ASHI offers the largest network of Chapters with continuing education, learning and networking with successful home inspectors. For new inspectors is a "Parallel Home Inspection" program. There is also a pre-verification program to receive early constructive comments on three of your early inspections to determine if you are writing your reports in substantial compliance to the ASHI Standard of Practice.

Below are some but not all of the benefits of ASHI membership.
  • Learn and associate with the best and brightest.
  • Meet friends with shared experiences.
  • Be a part of something bigger than your own four walls.
  • Help to support efforts of others around the country in strengthening your profession.
  • Be held accountable for high ethics and standards.
  • Stay current with changing trends in the inspection profession.
  • Provide credibility to your work.
  • Have access to the resources on your ASHI web site.
  • Develop a network of inspectors you can call on for information or a shoulder to cry on!
ASHI provides you a voice at the national level. ASHI was a primary source for introduction of HR 4776 "Consumer Protection Home Inspection Counseling Act".

You should find out more about your local chapter. Check it out and benefit from its education and other offerings.