Legislative resources

ASHI Position Statement on the Regulation of Home Inspectors (PDF) Updated annually, this white paper is a tool for legislators. It contains a model licensing bill, what's needed for good legislation, an overview of existing laws, and more.

ASHI Legislative Guidebook (PDF) ASHI's Legislative Guidebook is a powerful resouce for grassroots organizing, explaining how a bill becomes a law, how to communicate with lawmakers, testify before committees, hire a lobbyist, and more. All you need to know to get involved in the legislative process is in this manual.

Go to ASHI's Legislative Action Center(LAC) Visit ASHI's powerful Legislative Action Center to stay abreast of current legislation, important issues and recent votes. Find your state and federal representatives and communicate with them. Use the LAC to mount grassroots lobbying efforts, including e-mail campaigns to infulence hearings and votes.

Study up on Existing State Home Inspector Legislation Know your state law and find out what's going on in other states.