Home maintenance checklist

Remember these important tips for Winter maintenance of your home

Clean debris from gutters and downspouts

Be sure the Fall leaves and debris are not clogging the gutters, downspouts or roof covering.  Keeping is a year ‘round chore, but it’s especially important in before winter.  If melting snow is not able to flow through the gutters and downspouts, ice can form which may cause water leaks into the house.

 Clean Debris around the house and outdoor appliances

Clean the debris away from the outside air conditioning unit.  But I don’t recommend covering the unit.  If you cover it, vermin will have a nice dry shelter to stay in over the winter and they can bite into the electrical wires and build nests around and inside the motor.

 Proper storage of flammable materials

Be sure to keep gasoline for snow throwers in a proper container that does not allow fumes to escape.  And never store gasoline or gasoline powered appliances  in the house.

Don't warm up with the garage door down!

You should not have to let your car warm up even if it’s cold outside.  But if you do, be sure it’s well away from the house.  Never warm your car up in the garage, even if the garage door is open.  Your house is under negative pressure and deadly fumes will get sucked into the house

Test Smoke and Carbon dioxide detectors monthly.

Be sure to test your smoke alarms and carbon dioxide detectors every month.  Having a fresh set of batteries in the house is a good idea.

Replace Furnace Filters 

Changing the furnace filter is really a priority before winter.  That’s when the furnace will get more use than ever.  Your comfort level will improve, as well as your fuel bill.

Check for trip hazards

Check your house for trip hazards.  The number one cause of injuries in the home is falls.  Things like worn rugs, loose railings or torn carpets can be a serious hazard.  Also check for extension cords left over from holiday decorations.